6x11: "Mxy in the Middle”


September 16th, 2021

44 mins 15 secs

Season 6

Your Hosts

About this Episode

Frank and Tim discuss the return of Tom Lennon as Mxyzptlk and Lena's journey to uncover the mysteries of her mother's past.

THOMAS LENNON RETURNS AS MR. MXYZPTLK – Supergirl and team must stop Nyxly from vanquishing a familiar face from Supergirl’s past – Mr. Mxyzptlk. Mxy returns and explains Nyxly’s dark history to the super team in the best way he knows how – in song form. Meanwhile, Lena visits her mother’s birthplace in Newfoundland, eager to dig into her past but is shocked by the small town’s icy reception towards her.

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